Henley Lotterhos & Henley, PLLC

About the Firm

Henley, Lotterhos & Henley, PLLC concentrates its practice in the commercial and business areas of the law, including creditor bankruptcy, commercial and consumer collections, and is among the largest collection law firms in the State of Mississippi. The Firm also continues to provide general legal services to a number of clients.

The Firm handles cases in every county of the State of Mississippi and our attorneys are experienced in the collection of both commercial and consumer debts. We also represent creditors’ interests in bankruptcy court. For the last few years, the Firm has added between 9,000 to 10,000 new claims to its collection system each year.

Our collection procedures, which are continuously being refined, have been developed over many years. The Firm currently has eight (8) attorneys, seven (7) of which are primarily located in the Jackson, Mississippi office. In addition to secretarial and support staff, an integral part of our operation includes a separate skip/telephone collection department with a manager and twelve (12) collectors at full staff. The Firm also has developed a computer system customized to its collection practice in Mississippi.

Henley, Lotterhos & Henley, PLLC has listings with many of the major law directories, maintaining the highest rating given by Martindale Hubbell Law Directory.